We are destination wedding videographers. We look for beauty everywhere. Beauty is in the small things: in a caress, in a smile, in a fissure in a wall, in a cloud, in a tear and in a thought. Beauty is wake up embraced by the blankets, sip your first cup of coffee, read a book, beauty is smiling to the loved one. Beauty is to be witnesses of love, of friendship. Beauty is leave for a distant and unexpected journey, or just go outside near home to eat an ice cream. Beauty is to understand what our hearts whispers, loving nature in all its forms, beauty is the wonder and wonder is the simplicity of a diary written by a child, the guardian of desires and hopes.


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We are happy to met you on our site. Ciao, we are destination wedding videographers! We are based in Italy but we travel all over the world. Contact us for more informations, tell us your adventure, talk us about your wedding location, the flowers you choose, your wedding dress. We are available for destination wedding, elopement, engagement, family portraits. We work in France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Iceland, Spain, America, UK, and wherever you are planning your dream wedding. Choose us for your wedding video.


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Wedding video featured on Martha Stewart Weddings

“Evergreen has created a top-notch romantically stunning short film of our wedding by assembling a collection of the greatest moments of our two day celebration. From the film work to the added to musical underscoring, Evergreen knows exactly how to create a unique film that will capture the very essence of any wedding celebration. BRAVO EVERGREEN!!” @ Dennis and Bryan

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