February 2018

千里姻緣一線牽 – Panta Rhei

Wedding in Hong Kong

This Destination Wedding in Hong Kong was one of the deepest experience we lived the past wedding season. After spending ten days in Hong Kong, nothing is the same anymore. Our style as authors is changing in these years, and we are very happy that our couples appreciate our experimental side. Every destination wedding  is unique and our intent is to express this uniqueness.

Having a relationship of empathy with the couple is our greatest achievement, spending a couple of days to share experiences that will be imprinted in us when we will edit the wedding video, is a precious element for us. Our role as wedding videographers is to tell a love story in the most authentic way, we do not just tell the story of the wedding day, we like to go deep.

What we tell is an emotion, a feeling. This destination wedding in Hong Kong was all this, it was a shared experience with a sweet couple and a big family. We were invited to join Hilda’s parents for dinner, we chatted, smiled, ate dishes that we had never eaten, we talked about our traditions and this was a great memory for us. Hong Kong is a beautiful city and we hope to visit again, if you are thinking about your destination wedding in Hong Kong we are ready to get on board. Tell us your story.



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