December 2017


Destination wedding in Tuscany

You can understand how much I am in love with these two guys from the huge number of images in our new website. I loved everything about this destination wedding in Tuscany, light, colors, climbing on the highest peaks of the Carrara quarry. Everything was a fascinating adventure with the sweetest, most creative and enterprising couple I ever met. Nicolas and Nikola share the name, their immense love, creativity, taste for simple things.

To the man I love, to my Future

We put the highest expectations on every film that we document, but there were some clear signs that would have made us particularly love this film. We have had a strong empathy with the couple since their first email. They immediately proved to be very involved and shared with us the desire to tell something that went beyond the wedding event, they wanted a more intimate portrait of their love story. The couple is based in New York and they have decided to spend about a week in the Tuscan countryside surrounded by the closest friends and families. We immediately integrated into their family, we felt part of it. Together we explored the area surrounding the Villa they rented for the wedding and we also visited a magical place in Tuscany, the Carrara Marble quarries. The visit to the marble quarry was very inspiring. We have treated the construction of the story as the process of making a marble sculpture. As Michelangelo said, the form is already contained within the marble block, the aim of the artist is to reveal it.

Film makers Luigia Pansera, Giuseppe Colonese, Amedeo Greco
Graded with FilmConvert

Photographer Elisabetta Marzetti
Floral design Puscina Flowers
Location Villa Catureglio