Destination wedding at the time of Coronavirus

Destination wedding at the time of Coronavirus

No this is not an alarmist article, it’s an analysis (Destination wedding at the time of Coronavirus) of our work of destination wedding filmmakers and the tangible repercussions of the spread of psychological media terrorism.

It happened, the second couple gave up getting married in Italy next spring because of the Coronovirus, all of this happened within a week:

I’am so sorry Lu but we had to make a sad decision today. We are likely moving our wedding location from Italy in fear of travel restriction with the spread of the Coronavirus.”

With the unknown ahead we needed to make the precautionary move.

I hope you can understand.

Best wishes to all in Italy for a speedy conclusion of this epidemic.”

Did it just happen to us or did it happen to someone else out there?

How it all started / Destination wedding at the time of Coronavirus

Day 5 February, reading about the spread of coronavirus in China, my prepper soul took over and forced Giuseppe to stock up on what was necessary to face a possible period of crisis. We have not raid the supermarkets with food supplies, we have always had a pantry of long life shelf food that we renew monthly, we have purchased masks and disinfectant products. I knew that fear would create inconveniences to the daily routine in the near future, and it did. However, I did not believe that the spread of psychological terror conveyed by the media had led us to face the repercussions on our work so early.

On Friday 23 February the first news of the spread of the virus in Lombardy.

What about the situation in Italy around the world? What drives a couple who have planned to marry in Italy to give up? What is Italy’s image at the moment and what precautions are other states taking “against” us? Are all these fears founded?

We have been doing this job for 10 years, there have been wars, economic and social crises, but never before has anything threatened to affect our work in such a worrying way.

The Coronavirus has a rapid spread also due to its low mortality rate, the victims here in Italy are people with other serious diseases and their body does not have the necessary strength to fight the virus independently. Today they say that 95% of the sick recover even if a vaccine does not yet exist, and just under 300 cases have been recorded throughout Italy. In Italy the controls started massively and this is why it was possible to diagnose the virus even to those who do not show symptoms or have mild symptoms.

The media in Italy say that the other states have made checks only to those who have returned from China and for this reason the total number of infected is so low. But the Milan stock exchange collapses, the spread rises and the other States impose quarantine on those arriving from northern Italy.

So what will happen to the tourism industry and all those jobs related to it? What is happening to our sector? What are these terrifying news that arrive abroad and that push couples to change their minds?

Is it the fear of contracting the virus or not being able to spend a quarantine once they have returned from Italy to their countries of origin?

I wish we had clear, few but real information.

But the information that has passed faster is fear and hatred. Fear and hatred of something that is unknown, because fear and hatred make more news. And how to remain impassive to the screams of the city of Wuhan forced into isolation? How to remain impassive to scenes of violence perpetrated by men on men. Violence is real, hatred is real and is constantly fueled.

I wonder if the press will talk about the consequences that this crisis will leave behind once the coronavirus is no longer afraid. I wonder if the media will deal with the problems of small business owners, independent workers, who will amplify our voice?

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Thank you for writing such a candid, sober reflection on how this virus is affecting your livelihood. My heart goes out to you and Giuseppe and all the artisans and small business owners in Italy whose work relies upon tourism and travel. I’m trying to think about what I would do if I were in this couple’s position. This will test all of us, as we struggle to balance empathy and self-preservation (and protecting the ones we love).