Top 5 reasons to elope in Rome

Top 5 reasons to elope in Rome: A “just us” experience, the perfect choice to realize your dream of a totally intimate wedding.

I saw in the eyes of the couple an uncompromising happiness. In 11 years of experience in documenting destination weddings, the elopement wedding has always left us very strong, truer emotions. Organizing a traditional destination wedding always brings with it a lot of anxiety. If you want to strip away the pressure, anxiety, and obligation about having a traditional wedding, the elopement wedding is the best option.

By eloping, the couple, commit their lives to each other and celebrate their love in an uninhibited way that made the most sense for them.

For a lot of couples, the main reason they chose to elope was because they wanted the opportunity to really focus on intimate, intentional moments during their wedding day, and they didn’t feel that a more traditional wedding would afford them those moments.

Starting your own life together with an adventure can be considered a pure and cathartic experience, the journey becomes a symbol of a path to the future that you decide to live next to the other. The journey becomes a fundamental part of the marriage experience, so choosing the right destination becomes a fundamental choice.

We have documented elopement weddings on a mountain in the Dolomites, on a hill in Tuscany, on a cliff in Normandy, on a rooftop in Paris, in Venice, Berlin, Hong Kong. But today we want to talk about the Top 5 reasons to elope in Rome.

Top 5 reasons to elope in Rome


1. There is no place like Rome

May seem like a cliché, but it’s true what they say. Rome is a unique city of its kind. Walking through the streets of Rome, one is fascinated by the solemnity of its monuments and by the absolute beauty of its being a symbol of culture. Rome is an open-air set, each corner contains an enormous charm: “la dolce vita”.

You will not make a mistake in choosing Rome for your wedding elopement, it will leave you with the taste of an unforgettable experience. Starting a life together by exchanging your promises in the city of love is a guarantee of a special life together.


2. Rome Eternal City

In purely aesthetic terms, Rome offers a perfect scenario for the exchange of vows. There is something truly poetic about having the Colosseum or the Trevi Fountain in the background while you promise your love. There is an energy that runs through you when you are surrounded by this ancient beauty. My suggestion is to get up early in the morning, at 6 am you are not surrounded by wild tourism and you will have Rome all to yourself. One of the most interesting hours of the day in Rome is sunset. The warm light with shades of pink paints the city and the view from above is breathtaking. You can choose for your wedding elopement one of the most suggestive terraces in Rome: The orange garden.


Top 5 reasons to elope in Rome

3. Elopement wedding & Honeymoon

Among the Top 5 reasons to elope in Rome there is the possibility of making your elopement wedding coincide with your Honeymoon. Rome is one of the top destinations in the world to visit for your Honeymoon, not only because it is a city of indescribable beauty, but because Rome offers a 360-degree experience. Great food, wine, museums, hiking. Rome offers the possibility to reach every other Italian city by high speed by train or by renting a car. From Rome to Florence it is a journey of just 2 hours by train, nothing simpler and more practical at the same time. If you love nature or the sea, you can reach wonderful beaches with a journey of just 30 minutes by car.


4. Off season best season

The idea of investing a significant amount of money into an adventure elopement versus one big wedding day is a driving force behind the choice to elope. Rome can be an extremely expensive city, surely you can make a smart investment taking advantage of the “natural” scenario that the city can offer you. You won’t have to spend your money to rent a dream location when the show is on every street corner. You can rent a fiat 500 and have a picnic reaching a public garden surrounded by old trees or organize a dinner for two by candlelight in a trattoria in Trastevere. Rome is fantastic also in the low tourist season, I believe that the best times of year to visit it are from April to May, and from September to the end of October. The prices of the structures in this period are much cheaper and the climate is certainly more pleasant than the torrid summer.

Top 5 reasons to elope in Rome

5. Document your love

We have always been of the opinion that, to document a love story, it is not necessary to pay too much attention to things, but to people and their relationships. For this reason, wedding elopements are perfect for us. Being able to be so close to you, being able to be accomplices and not strangers, having time to explore together and living a new experience together. This makes us more sensitive and allows us to tell what you really are, as a couple. One of the Top 5 reasons to elope in Rome is that we can help you plan your wedding by suggesting the best places, experiences and the perfect time of the day. Rome is a city we love, it is not the city in which we live but we always remain captivated by its charm.


Top 5 reasons to elope in Rome

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