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The way we look at the world.
The eye through the camera: we always tell something about us when we tell someone else’s story.

Ciao! We are Luigia and Giuseppe, evergreen film destination wedding videographers, a married duo based in stunning Italy.  We travel the world documenting the most beautiful love stories. We are gentle souls who love people, we are fascinated by their stories. Every story is unique and each of our videos reflects this distinctiveness. We love to keep memories. We love the imperfect and the ordinary. We love to capture real emotions, the beauty hidden neneath the surface. Our goal is to capture the wedding day purely, joyfully and honestly. Each wedding is a discovery of a new way to celebrate love and we can’t wait to document yours.

 We strive to give back a realistic but at the same time dreamy film from a modern and artistic viewpoint. Our style is very laid back and authentic, we love to capture real emotion. Best videos come from simply letting you be you. We watch and observe looking for the truly beautiful in everything, including the imperfect the ordinary and the authenticity. We love what we do, we love to travel, our work has taken us to Paris, Normandy, UK, Switzerland, Greece, Santorini, Scotland, Iceland, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Apulia, Como Lake, Lake Garda, Rome. We love intimate and authentic weddings, elopements on mountains or cliffs, exchanges of vows on the beach at sunset, couple sessions at home. We create authentic, natural and emotional wedding videos that tell your story. We love unconventional love, wild and boho couples, frees pirits, and urban souls. When we are there beside you , you will see our eyes shine, you’ll see us smile, you’ll see us cry. The aim of our video is: Straight to the heart.
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"The film they'd made was haunting. Two intermingling voices recite a poem by Jacques Prévert, sometimes in unison, sometimes alone, speaking frankly about the beauty and brutality of love. It might seem a touch sombre for a wedding video, but every time I see it, I'm struck by its wisdom. This love, the speakers say, is violent, fragile, tender, desperate, trembling like a bird, alive as the summer, cold as marble, cruel as memory, beautiful as the day. [...] It's a prayer Luke and I will need often as we navigate married life, but as we reflect on everything that brought us to that château in a remote corner of France, we are filled with gratitude—for love, for friends old and new, for family, for each other".




Evergreen has created a top-notch romantically stunning short film of our wedding by assembling a collection of the greatest moments of our two day celebration. From the film work to the added to musical underscoring, Evergreen knows exactly how to create a unique film that will capture the very essence of any wedding celebration. BRAVO EVERGREEN!




Nico and I just sat down and watched the film together. The film seriusly blew us away. We got goosebumps watching... it was amazing. The rhythm, the music the blending, color grading, all of it was incredibly seamless. We love it and will cherish it forever. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!



Evergreen film Destination wedding videographers


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