Ciao, we are destination wedding videographers! We are based in Italy but we travel all over the world documenting the most beautiful weddings. We believe our job is to capture your wedding day in the most authentic way.


Ciao! We are destination wedding videographers! We are based in Italy but we travel all over the world. Contact us for more informations, tell us your adventure, talk us about your wedding location, the flowers you choose, your wedding dress. We are available for destination wedding, elopement, engagement, family portraits. We work in France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Iceland, Spain, America, UK, and wherever you are planning your dream wedding. Each work is a discovery of new traditions and different ways to celebrate LOVE. Oue goal is always the same: to capure the wedding day purely, joyfully and honestly with minimal intervention and maximum emotional commitment.


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La Forêt de la mémoire

Destination wedding in Normandy, France. Video portrait of Jess and Luke, a couple based in NY who asked us to document their wedding in Normandy past August. We spent five days with them and their families in the Old Chateau Le Mont Epinguet (Normandy – France). Make this video has become a deeper experience for us, share a week with Jess and Luke families made us become part of their memories. We were no longer there to document the wedding event but to tell something more intimate of their lives.

From Jess and Luke:

“As Luke and I sat together and watched the video, still raw from the last night’s argument, we were astonished. Somehow, our friends from Produzioni Evergreen had seen past all the nuptial antics and family drama and understood the heart of our relationship.

The film they’d made was haunting. Two intermingling voices recite a poem by Jacques Prévert, sometimes in unison, sometimes alone, speaking frankly about the beauty and brutality of love. It might seem a touch sombre for a wedding video, but every time I see it, I’m struck by its wisdom. This love, the speakers say, is violent, fragile, tender, desperate, trembling like a bird, alive as the summer, cold as marble, cruel as memory, beautiful as the day. In the end, they beseech their love directly:

Much later in a corner of the wood
In the forest of memory
Arise suddenly
Give us your hand
And save us.

It’s a prayer Luke and I will need often as we navigate married life, but as we reflect on everything that brought us to that château in a remote corner of France, we are filled with gratitude—for love, for friends old and new, for family, for each other”.

Read more here : JESS KWONG

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