Colorful Wedding in Switzeland | Rapperswil Castle

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High above the city of roses Rapperswil, already visible from afar, the imposing medieval castle perched with their courtyards and gardens. It is a special place where you the hectic world outside the thick castle walls quickly forget. The far-reaching, unparalleled views from the castle hill above Lake Zurich, to the picturesque islands Lützelau and Ufenau and the surrounding hills and mountain ranges already enjoyed the counts of Rapperswil and delight visitors of the beautiful castle for centuries. This environment, the impressive castle and the stately rooms of the castle form a beautiful and perfect setting for this colorful event. Dinah and David chose this ancient castle to celebrate their destination wedding surrounded by family and friends. On this day of August the temperature is cool, the sky a little covered threat of rain,  but i did not imagine more vivid colors, joy and fun. The spell was flowing into the air.

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Dinah and David are a couple of irrepressible vitality. Dinah has organized everything in detail, every choice is stylish and fun and leads back to the trip, a source of inspiration in their lifetime. Dinah and David made it even more beautiful in my eyes. Sharing this dayt with these two was a moment of pure happiness!

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This destination wedding in Switzerland has been a wonderful experience for us, we were captivated by landscapes, architecture, colors and nature, very different from Italy.

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Location: Schloss Rapperswil

Photographer:  Magnus Bogucki