July 2017

Couple session in Carrara Marble Quarry | Intimate wedding

N+N | July 25 2017 Marble Quarry, Tuscany

Couple session in Carrara Marble Quarry | Intimate wedding. You can understand how much I am in love with these two guys from the huge number of images in our new website. I loved everything about this couple session in Carrara Marble Quarry, light colors, climbing on the highest peaks of the quarry. Everything was a fascinating adventure with the sweetest, most creative and enterprising couple I ever met. Nicolas and Nikola share the name, their immense love, creativity, taste for simple things. Our was a love since the first email. My satisfaction in reading Nikola’s first email was overwhelming, she had chosen us to keep the memory of their itnimate wedding, and she communicated it in the sweetest and kindest way a bride could do.


Marble quarries are blinding white, dust fills our lungs, but we do not cease to find perfect corners for the couple session. But N&N are a wilde duo, and like us, they let themselves be captured by the magic of the scenery that surrounds us. N&N and this couple session will always have a special place in my heart, we feel so grateful and so honored that that life has crossed our paths. This is the best part of our work.