Dreaming wedding at Il Borro | destination wedding in Tuscany

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In this hot July day I want to share with you this magical four days wedding at “Il Borro”, Tuscany. Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, in the shadow of the cypress trees of the ancient Via dei Sette Ponti, Il Borro is an open window on history, a fresco to a far away world. The Medici dynasty, the Savoia family and now the Ferragamo family have safeguarded and preserved this precious oasis, making this place, suspended between past and present, a sanctuary dedicated to wellbeing and the art of hospitality.

Chiara and Mario chose to spend 4 days in this paradise of culture and tradition with family and close friends. Days full of events, food and wine tours, party, music, dancers, fire jugglers, fireworks.

Day one | Pizza party

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The pizza party was organized in the borgo square facing the Church. A setting up full of italian colors and scents cured by Noosheens. There is nothing more rustic italian party! Delicious food and wine of Tuscan culture, guitar and mandolin as soundtrack. Oh I love it!

Day two | wine tour and BBQ party

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The rain accompanied us throughout the afternoon, a perfect scenery for a private tour of the wine cellars of “Il Borro”. In the evening the rain is gone, the weather is perfect for a BBQ party poolside. We celebrate late into the evening with songs, speeches and fire jugglers.

Wedding day

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Here we are guys! The wedding day arrived. Chiara is absolutely radiant in her dress. Mario awaits her in the church, is visibly moved. Everything is absolutely romantic and very deep. The song sung by his friend touches all. We have witnessed a moving ceremony in the borgo at Il Borro, Tuscany.
Now we are ready for the party! Come with us, share with us this exciting day!

Good luck Chiara y Mario, we wish you the best.

Hope you like this dreaming wedding at Il Borro!

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