Jewish wedding at the Great Sinagogue of Rome

Today I have the pleasure to tell you about  this stunning Jewish wedding at the Great Sinagogue of Rome a wonderful experience I had thanks to Michaela and Zac, who chose to celebrate their destination wedding in the acient Synagogue in the heart of the Jewish Getto near Tevere, in Rome. The Synagogue was built after the unification of Italy in 1870 and is a fairly recent construction but the Jewish community of Rome dates back to the 2nd century B.C.  The Jewish Ghetto was founded in 1555 and is one of the most charming parts of Rome’s center, filled with charming cafe’s, Roman ruins and very much of a neighborhood feel.

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The magical city of Rome provided the inspiration for Michaela and Zac’s chic destination wedding and there are some really wonderful touches; take the Italian FIAT 500 for their wedding transport around Rome, chose for the BIG party  The St. Regis Roma, a grand palace from 1894, inviting you to explore its curated collection of fine art and antiques, handcrafted stucco-adorned staircase, the historic lift, the glittering Murano chandeliers and the majestic symbol of La Belle Époque.

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So, Let the party started! Dreaming Jewish wedding at the Great Synagogue of Rome.

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Still Frame from video

Wedding Planner: Benda Babcock of Italia Celebrations / Floral Design: Noosheens



The most beautiful pictures of the most beautiful wedding of the most beautiful couple.

Yes Naya.
Yes you are right! An exciting and full of charm wedding!