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Our journey continues among European destinations wedding. Italy is beautiful, but our biggest dream is to know the most interesting places in the world, filming traditions of faraway places, and preserve the memories of those precious wedding. We toured Europe to tell your stories. We saw you cry, smile, tremble to say “yes I do”. Are you a bride to be? look at the wonderful places we visited, can help you to choose your destination wedding in Europe.

“I do” dans le Champs Élysées


I admit, it is my dream: to film a wedding under the Tour Eiffel.But who does not dream of getting married in Paris? In 2015 we visited, for a Saudi Arabia Wedding the part of the France closest to Switzerland, precisely in “Château de Divonne
This traditional castle dominates the town of Divonne-les-Bains, built at the beginning of the 11th century, the castle has been restored on 18th and 19th centuries by La Forest Divonne family.
2016 will take us to film a destination wedding in Normandy, we will visit Paris for an elopement, and Mont Saint-Michel for an engagement. (yes of course, evergreen film is available to make unforgettable memories of your elopment, your engagement or your family portrait around the world) Write us now on

Bohemian wedding in Barcelona


In Spain i’ve seen the most extraordinary industrial, bohemian, country, indie locations. Are you an alternative bride to be? a gay couple, a rock or insane couple? This is your right place: Spain. Evergreen film will be your destination wedding in Spain filmmaker. Without doubts! What I have to say about Barcelona.I left my heart there and I’m going to take it back in April 2016. If you want to meet us for a video shoot, we will find together the most exciting location for a video that you will never forget.

Destination wedding in Switzerland


Part of our family lives in Switzerland, we never lose the occasion to visit it. Many couples choose to celebrate their wedding in this lovely place out of time. In Switzerland the air is clean, the weather is mild and weddings are relaxing and full of charm. Here reigns a peace and tranquility that is rarely found in other parts of the world. Nature is untouched even in a big city like Zurich. I saw the bears live free in a park of Bern, a huge clock surmounting the heads of tourists in the city square. Endless expanses of green and cows at pasture in the center city (Burgdorf) I love to work in Switzerland for destination weddings. Our last wedding filmed in Switzerland was in Rapperswil. High above the city of roses Rapperswil, already visible from afar, the imposing medieval castle perched with their courtyards and gardens. It is a special place where you the hectic world outside the thick castle walls quickly forget. The far-reaching, unparalleled views from the castle hill above Lake Zurich, to the picturesque islands Lützelau and Ufenau and the surrounding hills and mountain ranges already enjoyed the counts of Rapperswil and delight visitors of the beautiful castle for centuries. French canton is equally extraordinary. Geneva, Lausanne are full of life and full of young artists. You can buy scented soaps and  sweets delicious chocolate. I can not wait to go back there again, maybe for your destination wedding in Switzerland.

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