September 2017

Hong Kong the old city of the future

Destination Wedding in Hong Kong

6.00 am
Hong Kong the old city of the future. We just landed in Hong Kong after 12 hours flight. The airport is smaller than I imagined (it was jus an illusion) and I’m freezing here! Hilda (the bride) is waiting for us, but we need a espresso coffee before starting to experience Hong Kong. The first step out of the airport was shattering, you know, the hottest summer in southern Italy is nothing compared to the 32° and 95% of humidity of Hong Kong. The humidity was a violent punch in my face, but suddenly, this uncomfortable feeling vanishes and you remain breathless and speechless. Yes because we were catapulted into a City of the future, so authentic and at the same time so distant from our culture.

9.30 am
We leave our suitcases at the hotel, it’s time to take confidence with the City. We have traveled a lot in the last 5 years, every journey always leaves a mark in our vision of the future, but Hong Kong is the future itself. I’m not talking about skyscrapers touching each other, I’m not talking about neon lights that make the night bright as day, I’m talking about a City on the other side of the globe that made us feel at home. A safe, civilized and multicultural City. 8 million of people who move in chorus without becoming a crowd, without becoming a mess.

8.30 pm
Dinner time. Hong Kong Central. In Italy, you know, we have the best food in the world, but in Hong Kong you can taste delicious dishes that I would never have imagined to taste. I hate soups, and I never dared taste the noodles, but I changed my mind. You can eat the best Nim Sum (straight to the heart) 小龍包 (cinese tortellino) at the MING BISTRO and the best noodles at DIN TAI FUNG

11.30 pm
The first day is gone. Little gem of this day. Giuseppe and I are on the escalators passing through city central.  A girl looks at me and starts screaming in Chinese. I do not understand what she is saying to me. She is there waiting for me at the end of the escalator: she kicks my ass and keeps shouting at me. Giuseppe was reached by the girl’s mother, she tries to explain to him by gestures that she has mental problems. This was the only time I felt vulnerable in this City.

3.30 am
Okay, this is just me being jet-lagged, but we are not sleepy at all and we take the opportunity to visit one of the most spectacular places to watch Hong Kong from above.  The Peak. The view was just breathtaking. (I’m going to use this word a lot of times). It’s pretty dark when we arrive on the Peak and we was able to see the first lights go on. I was surprised by how many people jogging at sunrise. Matthias and Hilda arrived a few hours later. We took advantage of this scenario to make a couple session shooting.

2.30 pm
Lunch time. Linguini Fini became familiar. We sat almost always in the same place. A corner sofa, illuminated by a cutting light, it has inspired us very much during our shootings in Hong Kong.  We also eat Pizza at MOTORINO SOHO. It was a strange experience. A very good and tasty italian Pizza and Peroni Birra in Central Hong Kong. Unbelievable.

6.30 pm
We decided to visit the other part of the city. Moving from one place to another the tram is the cheapest and most fascinating choice. (only 0.25 euro cents). We visited Causeway bay on a holiday day. As soon as we arrived, I was shocked by the sea of people who crowded the streets. A manifestation was under way. The rain reached us, but it was nice to repair us in Chun Yeung Street Market . Sounds, smells, colors, people, it were rare sensations to be experienced in a western city where we live. Above the counters stood out foods I had never seen before, algae and molluscs, mushrooms and dried fish. Pungent smells, fumes of freshly cooked dishes. These were the places that Giuseppe and I wanted to visit more.

It stopped raining. We return to the hotel, a long walk of about 4 hours. It is a pleasant to walk under the imposing illuminated skyscrapers, among the showcases of luxury clothing stores. This is the other side of Hong Kong. Futuristic cars, colorful neon lights, freezing air conditioning. At first impact these differences are really strong, but after almost 10 days you understand that all this is Hong Kong.

I will never forget this city, my desire is to return again, because I am too small to embrace all of its vastness with a single glance.

Our experience on Hilda and Matthias’ traditional Chinese wedding soon on our Jurnal!