March 2017



Couple portrait session in London, Ines & Gianpaolo.

Many a trip continues long after movement in time and space have ceased.

                                                                                                                                                                                                           John Steinbeck

It was sad to arrive in London shortly after the day of the terrorist attack on the Westminster Bridge. But I want to tell a love story that contrasts with the hatred of that day, March 22, 2017. I’ve never seen London under that light, the sun was powerfully hot and orange as if it wanted to offer a show of unusual beauty to drive away the feeling of fear. Ines and Ginpa are big friends of us, that kind of friend whom you grow up with, who lives away from you but every time you embrace him is as you never separated each other. They are Italians, based in Barcelona and they never miss the chance to discover the world around them. So, what better friend is there than that? We have spent three days together strolling around, getting lost in the most hidden streets of London, following the sun and socializing with beautiful people. I’ve shoot with my vintage Polaroid a lot of beautiful portraits, smiling faces, deep eyes, strong feelings. I’ve got one that is now on my desk, it’s my favoite one: a black man with crazy hairs, very well dressed in burgundy and pink. He striked a pose in front of  Pret A Manger, they perfectly match with colors. We love to collect memories together: having a coffee sitting per hours in a old cafè, watching an art films and talking about it all night long. Ines and Ginpa are two terrific gentle people, they really don’t know what envy or rancor or anger means. We are blessed to be part of their life. A painful circumstance, the fear of living in terror, the insecurity of the future, everything can be wiped out if you have buddies beside you as splendid as Ines and Ginpa are.