destination wedding in Ravello Amalfi Coast

It’s always a dream for a destination wedding videographer documenting a destination wedding in the Amalfi Coast.

We had this opportunity a lot of times, because we are based not that far from this incredible location. Ravello is a little corner of wonders, is the most enchanting and memorable place for couples wanting a destination wedding in the Amalfi Coast.

This small village offers an incredible variety of locations for your wedding ceremony in Ravello: but, as always, our greatest effort is to not give back the “usual” imaginary, but we always want to discover, with our couples, the hidden beauty of a place, the hidden corners almost never photographed. Every place has its soul, every experience is unique as it is a love story. Ravello, and the Amalfi Coast, show their uniqueness because we always look at them with different eyes. So please, let’s consider the experience to visit this place with us for you destination wedding in the Amalfi Coast.


Last year we documented Kristin and Robert’s destination wedding in the Amalfi Coast:


The first time we watched our wedding film brought tears to our eyes and joy to our hearts. We wholeheartedly recommend, no, urge anyone looking for wedding videography to hire Evergreen Film.
Firstly, Luigia and Giuseppe nailed capturing both the emotion and realness of our wedding day. The moments selected felt accurate and representative of the day. But beyond that, they were delivered with such purposeful sequencing and a dreamy, warm and ethereal lens; this ultimately felt more emotionally true to the day than a docustyle chronological film would have. They were also able to capture so much of what our photography simply could not: the fluttery nervousness leading up to the ceremony, the gravity of a traditional ceremony, and the joy of being together surrounded by the friendship and warmth of our families and friends. We were also amazed with how they were able to pick up on so many small but important details, without guidance.
Secondly, from a purely artistic point of view, we just loved their shooting and editing style. Each shot was somehow perfectly framed and they found ways to make the film feel so picturesque: capturing our friends’ shadows dancing, framing beautiful shots of life in the Amalfi Coast outside of our wedding, and ending the film with a zoom out of the dance floor followed by time-lapsed stars and night sky. They also selected and edited the perfect music.
Finally, we loved their working style. Luigia and Giuseppe were by far some of the easiest and most professional people we worked with before and during the wedding. They didn’t ask us for instructions or guidance on what to capture. They didn’t ask us to do any homework. On the day, they simply showed up, captured what they needed, and delivered an incredible film. They felt completely in control and non-intrusive on the day. We can’t stress how amazing this is when planning a large destination wedding with hundreds of choices and so many vendors and guests who want explicit instructions!
Thank you so much Lu & Giu! We will cherish our film for a lifetime.
Kristin & Robert