October 2017

Elopement wedding. Elopement videographers.

Focus on what matter most: LOVE

Waves crashing on the cliff, this could be the soundtrack of your vows. The sun sets a rutile circle in the sky, the landscape is borderless. You can escape with the person you love, you can say the most intimate and secret words to become one. No stress, no hundreds of guests, but a pure, deep and intimate ceremony. We are not afraid of getting a little dirty, a little crazy, and spending the time it takes to craft the true representation of you. What’s your dreaming location for your elopement wedding? The perfect place is where your heart suggest to go, because we want to tell a story of that kind of love that lasts a lifetime. Whether you’re elope in the Amalfi Coast, way off the beaten track somewhere in the Scottish Highlands or having an intimate homespun wedding in New Zeland,  we will be there to tell something about your love.

Love is a mysterious alchemy, always different, most often it is melancholy, overwhelming like a tornado. It is not pink and comfortable like cotton candy, but it flashes like a fire in the desert. It warms your heart and freezes the tip of your nose, as it leads you to explore the highest peaks to admire the breathtaking landscapes.  We want to tell this love, our videos are peaks to climb, our video is an intimate diary of your deepest memories.

You can put on your Jenny Packham wedding dress and your favourite bikers boots to explore the cape of Dyrhólaey, you can exchange your vows wrapped in a blanket on Goðafoss waterfall or on Reynisfjara at Vik í Mýrdal. Are you wild enough for an elopement wedding in Governors’ camp in Kenya, one of the deepest experiences you can live. Your Rue De Seine wedding dress will be perfect for a trek into the absolute middle of nowhere of Oregon Coast, or Joshua Tree.