June 2015

Family Portrait in Tuscany

Casa Badiola, Castiglione della Pescaia

Today I want to present you a family of great sweetness and complicity. They love Italy and have contacted us to have a memory of their holiday in Tuscany. This year, their love for Italy is bigger because they share it with the splendid daughter Kira.

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Timur and Olga are two young parents, loving and full of joy. Kira is a girl full of energy and curiosity, she likes to walk and observe everything that surrounds her. She loves to learn. We entered immediately in tune and in confidence with Kira,she made us smile and become again a little child.

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We played with her, every discovery has thrilled us. Each reaction has amazed us. Timur and Olga are two incredible people. They have a unique relationship with her. They encourage Kira’s skill with no fears and no brakes.

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Our heart is filled with joy when we saw Kira play with the sea. We spent a beautiful day, sun and rain drove us in this adventure. We spent the morning at Casa Badiola,Tuscany, then we moved to the sea in Castiglione della Pescaia beach.  We leave you with the sweet images of that day waiting to share with you the film.

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